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Coming Full Circle

January 6, 2010
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Let’s get this started…leaving lower Manhattan for second time this week, on my way to Staten Island. Don’t worry, I’m not stopping at The Boardwalk…to much going on to become a bar stool for an afternoon. When I hit the SI office, I have to put on a “Windows” hat as opposed to the Manhattan office, where it is predominately Macs. So today I have to think 90% more as Windows breaks down 90% more than Apple…just a personal observation. I love the Windows 7 commercials with all these regular type folks taking credit for creating Windows 7. Hmmm, union actors taking credit…I’m seeing right through the folks out in Redmond, WA and I’m pretty confident Windows 7 is just another less than adequate operating system…keep it coming Microsoft…it’s a living for me.

I must be on the “good ship yummy-pop” ’cause the usual junkies have been replaced with beautiful tourists and it’s nice trade-off for a change. The Beatles in my ears and people that were grown from the yum-yum tree. Ahhh, a nice morning after a week of good workouts which finished with an easy recovery of 7 this morning.

Sure, it’s been cold, but unless you’re on a treadmill, you are either gonna’ get out in the near zero temps or sit on your *ss and complain when spring hits and you’re not in the shape you wanted to be in…hey you have a great excuse…it’s a cold winter…but the last time I was in Astronomy class (thank you Dr. Kenny), the Earth at this time of year is furthest from the sun. Factor in the tilt of the Earth’s axis in relation to the northern hemisphere and we have the combination for cold weather. So let’s not act surprised that it’s a cold winter…IT’S WINTER and that’s what winter is…COLD! I’m gonna’ go out on a limb and suggest or guess that when it’s July, the sun and the Earth are in closer proximity with the tilt of the northern hemisphere and it’s a probably….mmmm…hot???

Pulling in to The Island…gotta go to work….great 2 workstations are down…so much for a quick fix.

So I was up at the Armory this past Saturday. I haven’t been there in several years…pretty much since I decided to mess around with the marathon. The armory is the fastest indoor track on the east coast and perhaps the fastest in the U.S., depending upon who is running on it. Just stepping inside the Washington Heights structure gives me chills.

But on Saturday it was about meeting Kevin, Kevin Jr., Chris and Jimmy. I went to junior high and high school with Kevin. I had not seen him in nearly 30 years. Through FB we’ve been in touch and I learned of his twin boys (Chris/Jimmy) who were runners. The twins are freshman and to see them run a 5:06 mile after making some crucial freshman errors (running in lane 2 for nearly half of the race) was an absolute blast.  Without the mistake and I could see close to a 5 minute mile!  Although it made me feel how old I was, it was also a great to root for these lads and to be back in the Armory. It was enough to make me want to race tomorrow night.  800 meters seemed like it would be a good race to fly with. No, I won’t be there as it doesn’t fit in with my training schedule, but I know I will be back there again someday…racing…can’t wait!

That’s it for now…just a quick one…find me in the park…anytime.

See you on the roads.


Kiss Your P’Ass(t) Goodbye

December 30, 2009
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Nothing like a good play on words.  I can always listen to Steven (Tallarico) Tyler and get a little inspiration.  I mean here’s a guy who just went through another rehab stint and looks better than all of us.  I’m not sure who’s had more plastic surgery, Steven or Joan Rivers, but I can certainly listen to Steven for a helluva lot longer than Joan.  “I’d rather be a ____ licker than a city slicker.” – Priceless stuff.

…And so it is with Kissing the P’Ass(t) goodbye that we say “see ya” to 2009 and welcome in 2010.  Un’friggin believeable…whatta’ year…highs, lows…you name it, we had it.  But first, for anyone who may have struggled towards the end of this year or I guess at any point this year, let’s “Kiss the P’Ass(t) Goodbye” and put it behind us.  I am doing that with some tough races I had to deal with at the end of this year.  We can’t nail each and every race and the new year is a great way to let it go.

It’s like letting go of a certain someone (no, not my legal mate) who was as sweet as they come, but would think nothing of throwing a punch when she didn’t get her way.  I took care of that heading into 2009 and had my best year in quite some time…and with less black and blue marks…a win/win situation.  I ran well and she is someone else’s excess baggage (literally).  So I suggest we flush all the crap away and start fresh.

With that in mind, I was coming off of a 10 miler this past Sunday with Gerson.  I’m still dealing with too much inflammation and have probably been self medicating myself too much as well.  That will change soon…well not today as I am heading out for some Belgian Ales with a close friend ;-).  So last night, the wind chill was like 1 degree??  Anyway, we had a good 15 athletes ready to do 3+ miles of tempo, after the warm-up.  I’m not sure if the warm-up worked as I was clearly cold after this so-called warm-up.

…And for those of you who think it was all guys out there…no way!  There were as many women as men.  Speedy Kim, Gerson, Josh, Kiki, Dr. Adam, Speedy Kim’s co-worker (I’m bad with names), Robinson, Mary and more.  I don’t know which is harder, running in this weather or coaching.  I’ve done both and it’s a battle from both perspectives….when it gets below 5 degrees, it’s all the same!  Most of us didn’t quite hit the time we would have like to, but given the conditions, it was to be expected.  The most important thing was we didn’t sit at home doing nothing.  We got out there, ran hard and I know it was a nice confidence boost for all those who ran.

So let’s see what I dig and/or was diggin’ this “P’Ass(t)” Year:

  • Favorite training flat:  Adidas Tempo (light, quick, responsive)
  • Favorite TV Show (cable):  Dexter  – Oh  like you’ve never wanted to kill someone?  I get to live my fantasy once a week.
  • Favorite TV Show (network): Cold Case – Lily is hot and if I can still watch a show that takes place in Philadelphia, then you know it ain’t about the city.
  • Favorite racing flat: Nike Lunar Racers (light and cushioned…perfect)
  • Favorite Album: As much as I still enjoy Bon Jovi’s “The Circle,” I am going with the mono and stereo remastering of The Beatles….yes McCartney looks like that vegan diet is killing him more than his ex-wife, but the music he created will never be topped.
  • Favorite Movie: Any movie I saw with my daughter.
  • Favorite race this year:  It’s a toss-up between the NJ (Long Branch Half Marathon) and the Doreen Scrimenti 5k in Staten Island.  The half had me focusing more than I have ever been able to…something I want to achieve again this year (the focus part).  In SI, I was able to get back under 5:40 per mile pace for 3.1…it was a thrill to be moving that fast again.
  • Favorite hang-out: Mudville 9 on Chambers St.  Great hot wings and over 100 beers.
  • Best Party:  Robin & Nancy – the recent blizzard…and their home was packed!  Their parties have a reputation of being great and they delivered!
  • Best Husband: Tiger Woods – LOL!! Just checking to see if you were still reading.
  • Best Training Partner(s) – Truly anyone I’ve trained with this year.  Each person adds something to the mix and I enjoy being able to help them (the younger ones…I think they are all younger?) out as well.
  • Best Running Store – Urban Athletics – Not even close…knowledgeable staff and the best equipment.

Have a safe New Year!  C U later at D.B.A. and of course, on the roads!

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